About Us!

Parasailing Key West

Parasailing Key West

Cheryl MacDonald and Lisa Chavis decided their lives weren’t nearly exciting enough, so they sold all possessions that wouldn’t fit in a large backback and took off around the world. 

Traveler, adventurer, writer, photographer, SCUBA diver, volunteer, and overall lover-of-life! In a nutshell, that’s a good description of either of them at any one moment.

They’re about as different as angel food cake and Key Lime pie, but somehow the combination seems to work. One prefers 5-star while the other is partial to dive bars, but it’s been 18 months, 4 continents, 29 countries, and more gooey desserts than either of them cares to remember — and they’re still going strong!

Backpacking for thirteen weeks and eleven countries throughout Europe, volunteering for ten weeks of diving in the Mexican jungle to protect the coral reef, three months in Africa photographing and studying up-close the Big 5 on game reserves, riding camels through the Sahara desert, diving the pristine waters of Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia…and as for what’s ahead??? There is an awful lot to see out there!

From Cheryl & Lisa…
Come with us as we explore the world – volunteering, blogging, eating and drinking ourselves silly and laughing our way through strange lands! You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and on our friend Beth Whitman’s wonderful Wanderlust and Lipstick site.

We’re living in Hawaii right now, putting the finishing touches on our book What Boundaries? Live Your Dream! A humorous account of two women in their forties who take on Europe with an overpacked rucksack and a purple octopus named Priscilla. priscilla (512 x 384)

Our goal? To help anyone who’s looking to find the courage and motivation to live their own dreams! As Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Let’s live our dreams!!



7 Responses to About Us!

  1. Hello Ladies, I just found you via Twitter and came to explore… we’ve followed similar paths. I did the same at 43 – only differences was I did it alone. I was gone three years and it was brilliant! Good on you for the courage to do this – this will be one of the high points of your life. So, will follow you on Twitter (I’m ‘womanontheroad’) and you can find me hanging around my website (built with women like you in mind, by the way). Looking forward to reading you!

  2. jen laceda says:

    Please teach me how to live this dream! I do not enjoy my hospital job any longer, but don’t have the guts to quit because of all the “responsibilities” attached, such as mortgage, kids (well, 1 daughter), and all other material stuff our family can’t let go (tv, computer, camera, video cams, car, etc.) I give you full props for doing what you are doing!

  3. whatboundaries says:

    Hi Jen!
    It took a HUGE leap of faith to put the house up for sale and sell our stuff, believe me. But we kept the video cam, cameras, and computers because they were handy to have while traveling. 😉
    Shedding so much “stuff” was so liberating, it was unbelievable! We saw lots of mothers and daughters traveling together through hostels all over Europe and it was an incredible bonding experience for them both. I’m a pharmacist and leaving my safe, secure and COMFORTABLE world was excruciating (but for only a few days) then the euphoria set in and hasn’t gone away yet! :-)Best of luck to you and your future travels!! Lisa

  4. Ohad says:

    Go Cheryl & Lisa!
    I hope your journey takes you to Israel one day, and I hope I’ll still be here by then! Best of luck and love the blog! Ohad the dive instructor.

  5. Eva Gill says:

    Hello, Ladies!

    Just discovered you through a #traveltuesday on twitter. We are putting together a round the world walkabout tour. We’ll be homeschooling our kiddos on the road, and plan for about a year and a half away.

    Fun website, I’ll have to spend a little more time here!


  6. Tom says:

    Hope you are fine.

    My name is Tom and I’m the creator of the new travel community website http://www.tripality.com that is focused only on the travel questions and answers.

    I was recently planing a trip to SE Asia (going there in 2 weeks) and found out that there is no easy way to ask questions and get answers about travel. There are travel forums etc but there are more for having a long conversations with other people. They are not good for asking quick questions. So I have decided to create a website that would be only focused on the travel questions and answers, where everyone would be able to ask travel questions or check out the existing ones very easily. Without going through tons of forum pages and posts to find what they are looking for.

    Anyway I want to create a list of the best independent travel blogs so I have just posted a question “What’s your favourite independent travel blog out there?”.

    I would like to ask you if you could add your blog there with a short description and tell us why your blog is better then all the others and why should we read it.


  7. Great site. A lot of helpful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

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